All about E-commerce and online shopping in Afghanistan

e-commerce and online shopping in afghanistan
E-commerce in Afghanistan is still at its infant age, the reason being for this is unavailability of e-payment in the country. Though there are many online shops and e-commerce websites in Afghanistan still they have major challenges in the mentioned realm. Afghanistan is a young nation and many young people are inspired by technology, people outside Afghanistan may think that this country is one of the most underdeveloped countries across the globe. This notion is right to some extent, because of the heavy occupation of the Soviet Union and United States of America’s dirty political war within the country Afghanistan is one of the most underdeveloped and poor countries in the world. But on the other hand, if you visit Kabul city which is the capital of the country and take a close look you will see hope, development, infrastructure and technological advancement.
Without exaggeration people of Afghanistan are among the most talented people around the world, I mean literally, if you look at the top Companies around the world you will find more than 4 average Afghans working full time for them. Indians are praised for their talents around the world, but without any racial or national discriminations, Afghans are worth to be called the super talented. Despite Afghans not having access to proper education and security in their country, the majority of its youth are globally recognized.
Fereshta Forough founder of code to inspire
Fereshta Forough Founder @Code to Inspire
Whether it be in national news or international news Afghanistan has been constantly described as a place where women are tortured by men and major violence are being committed against. Well, this is partially true but we don’t have to ignore all the good things that are happening in Afghanistan and that women are behind all these good things. I live in Afghanistan and Majority of men that I know they treat their women with respect and support them more than any other people in the world. I have known husbands that created tech jobs or any other jobs for their spouses such as creating youtube channels or creating websites for them to run and even creating companies for them to manage. The above picture that you are seeing belongs to Fereshta Forough who is the founder of Code to Inspire Inc. a startup that encourages Afghan women and girls to code and participate in technology.
e-commerce and online shopping website in Afghanistan
You might have a question in mind that why are we spending time and other resources in the field of E-commerce or online shopping in Afghanistan? the answer for an SEO expert who is living in Afghanistan is very easy. As an SEO expert in Afghanistan, I decided to build this e-commerce website is that I have fallen in love with all the keywords that people are searching in Google for this particular field. I believe that one day there will be peace in Afghanistan and as I mentioned before people are already in love with technology in my country.
At the moment the Afghan people are searching with the following keywords and are looking for following items to buy online:
  • Online clothes shopping in Afghanistan
  • Arzan qimat online shopping
  • online mobile shopping in Afghanistan
  • Car for sale in Kabul Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan Store
  • Azadbazar buy sell
  • Shoes shop in Afghanistan
  • Afghan dress
The above searches are very famous in Google from Afghanistan and there are massive other keywords that people are now looking for on the internet which are related to online shopping and e-commerce in Afghanistan such as: Amazon India, Amtaa, Afghan mart, Amazon Afghanistan, Afghan vest, Afghan Chapan, Afghan waskat, Afghanistan Store, Afghan mart online shopping center, prices of cars in Afghanistan, toyota corrola afghanistan price, afghan movies online, afghan classics, afghanistan furniture, ecommerce in afghanistan, land for sale in Kabul, perahan tunban for sale, tab s3 price in afghanistan, deal af, sony tv price in afghanistan, online shopping center in Afghanistan, kabul computer shops, interactive afghanistan websites, baby girl afghan dress and many more. Looking above keywords it is very easy to assume that people in Afghanistan are really into online shopping and e-commerce and they are a big fan of local Afghani clothing.
Some of the keywords searches such as land, car or furniture are as a result of many classified ads websites in Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that a huge number of people in Afghanistan are very interested in classified ads websites because at the moment such websites don’t need to have e-payment and that is why Afghan people are investing in such websites. Even though our website doesn’t have an e-payment gateway in Afghanistan we have connected a business Paypal account from England to it so that some our customers could pay through it. We normally get orders from our website and the payment that we accept is COD (cash on delivery). Still, there are many things more to write about this realm, I don’t want this article to be boring for our readers. Therefore I have decided to write more about the challenges of online shopping and e-commerce in the upcoming articles.

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